The First Post Always Sucks

I had this post all laid out in my mind. I was sitting for over half an hour on my toddler’s bedroom floor waiting for him to go to sleep and the entire time I was writing this post in my head. Man, it sounded awesome. But, somewhere between closing his door and sitting in this chair, 90% of it fell out one ear and down between the cracks in the floor. It is so gone. So this post may totally suck.

I guess I could start by explaining the title. Doing so would, according to blogging pros, be “reader friendly” and if I’m anything, I’m friendly-ish. The title, to be honest, comes out of frustration. See, I have a few other blogs; I’ve been doing this a while. However, those other locations are what you would call ‘family friendly’. The problem is: I’m not always in a ‘family friendly’ mood. Now, that’s not to say I want to swear like a sailor (not my style) or share naughty adult stories (I’m married – I don’t have any). Just that recipes and cute photos of my kids is only part of who I am and what I enjoy. Unfortunately, not all of my interests mix well with those topics. For example, I love gore-filled horror movies. Something tells me an article about my analysis on CGI blood splatters isn’t going to flow well with a post about a family trip to Disney World – call it a hunch.

I have several things I want to write about and they don’t all fall under the same category – so finding one title that would explain my entire blog wasn’t going to happen. “Random” is appropriate, of course. But, there are thousands of blogs that use that word and it’s becoming extremely cliche – not my scene. Then I realized, the only thing I can honestly say is present in 9 out of 10 conversations I have is sarcasm – aka snark. Okay, that sounds good. What goes with ‘snark’?  Boom. The boom part….I have no idea. It was jazzy – I have no better excuse. So there we go – SnarkBoom.

Is my daily conversational skill going to translate well to text? Your guess is as good as mine. I think I have equal chances at both success and eventually changing the title to “I Quit”.

I’ll try to be entertaining.
You try not to throw heavy objects at me.
We’ll be fine.


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