The First Post Always Sucks

I had this post all laid out in my mind. I was sitting for over half an hour on my toddler’s bedroom floor waiting for him to go to sleep and the entire time I was writing this post in my head. Man, it sounded awesome. But, somewhere between closing his door and sitting in this chair, 90% of it fell out one ear and down between the cracks in the floor. It is so gone. So this post may totally suck.

I guess I could start by explaining the title. Doing so would, according to blogging pros, be “reader friendly” and if I’m anything, I’m friendly-ish. The title, to be honest, comes out of frustration. See, I have a few other blogs; I’ve been doing this a while. However, those other locations are what you would call ‘family friendly’. The problem is: I’m not always in a ‘family friendly’ mood. Now, that’s not to say I want to swear like a sailor (not my style) or share naughty adult stories (I’m married – I don’t have any). Just that recipes and cute photos of my kids is only part of who I am and what I enjoy. Unfortunately, not all of my interests mix well with those topics. For example, I love gore-filled horror movies. Something tells me an article about my analysis on CGI blood splatters isn’t going to flow well with a post about a family trip to Disney World – call it a hunch. Continue reading

Yeah, yeah…I’m working on it

This is a new project and I’ve got a lot of old stuff still on my ‘to do’ list. Hang tight – more coming very soon.

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